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How Terri Dresses In The Bedroom

How many of you are suckers for Terri Jane? Raise your hand. We love Terri and not in a platonic way. We're also suckers for English girls and their accents. There's no one English accent just like there's no one American accent. Terri's from the West Midlands (Birmingham, Rugby, Coventry) with its own regional accent. She's good at sexy talking in her SCORELAND videos while she peels off her clothes and brings her hands to her breasts to hoist them aloft for your pleasure. Terri's "Lickety Sweet" video licking that ice cream and smearing the melting goo on her tits and ass is perfect and so is her original "Meet Terri Jane" vid. Any girl who says she likes to jump on a trampoline as a hobby deserves the highest props. Especially when she has K cups. She loves dancing. "I am the first one to go out there and dance," Terri says. That's on a par with trampolining. More big-boobed girls should follow Terri's lead and dance and trampoline. It's the right thing to do. Terri wears…
Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: January 31st, 2012
Duration: 50

Member Comments

4 years ago 
she is absolutely wonderful i like she is talking to me when i watch her videos keep it coming
6 years ago 
What a georgeous girl ! Can't get enough of her ! More please !!!
6 years ago 
Terri is fucking gorgeous. Her film work is killer and she does talk to the camera and the viewer in a such a way that I lose my shit. PLEASE keep shooting and filming her as she's on the legend path.
6 years ago 
Those breast are explosive............they're like bloody zepplins!!!! Incredible.
6 years ago 
makes me glad to be english
6 years ago 
She makes me glad to be british
6 years ago 
She is beautiful.
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