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Va Va Valory!

As we always say at SCORE, a busty girl hasn't really lived until she's taken her clothes off in front of a loaded camera. Valory certainly took to this productive philosophy well in classes at SCORE University. She's enthusiastic and happy and she enjoys the well-deserved attention she's garnered since she busted into the big-boob world. She looks at the world with love and wonder. If you have seen Valory's candid cams in BTS Theater (in the Video section), you've seen that giving and honest personality in full bloom (and heard how she says "Clever-age" in her Ukrainian-flavored English). She has quickly become a terrific SCORE Girl. For this photo series, Valory rocks a day-glo bikini with a swanky striped top. That body was made by Mother Nature for teeny bikinis. In response to the download issues surrounding Valory's appearances, we're now offering Valory's Vault at a deep discount for SCORELAND members. This is not a traditional website. This is a large collection of Valory…
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: September 21st, 2011
Duration: 58

Member Comments

6 years ago 
okay, she can officially have her own magazine!
7 years ago 
Seriously ... Model of the freeking decade.
7 years ago 
I love the way she shows off her tits when she poses! Marvellous!
7 years ago 
Picture #18 says it all! I love Valory!
You could post photos of Valory everyday for the next 10 years, and I'd never ever get tired of her!
Thank you.
7 years ago 
She has the most beautiful boobs. Whenever she takes that stand with her chest
out, Mr. Johnson stands at attention. Will we see some XXX with Valory.
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