Suction Power

Valory sets the scene with her amazing, heavenly bod, so slim and stacked, stretching a blue monokini-cut lingerie and sheer pink panties. The straps don't quite cover Valory's wide areolae as they contour to her ski-sloped boobs, leaving about an inch of areolae exposed on both sides.

Valory grooves to the music, gyrating while she looks into the bathroom mirror and runs her hands up and down her natural resources. Transfixed, she's hypnotized by her own tits and dangles them over the sink. Under the sink is a special device. It's a motorized breast pump and she wants to use it.

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Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: August 6th, 2019
Duration: 100

Member Comments

I'm glad you've let your pubic hair grow back.
Fuck this goddess looks so fine in a skimpy bikini. I absolutely worship this babe and love her puffy areola
Let me call a spade a spade here. I have nearly torn my own penis of masturbating to this woman. I can't say enough about her. And she is SO PRETTY! When I take a moment to stray off her perfect breasts, I see her beautiful, kind eyes.

Valory Irene is simply IT.
More BUSH. I never wanted to be a gynecologist. You can't say they ALL look good shaved.
I agree with Tom. This is what I miss most of the time.
A stunning girl with a nice hairy bush between her legs.
It makes every girl more naturaL AND sexier.
I've been a serious big tit man for 35 years now and have to say Valory has the most fantastic body of all time! She is incredibly sexy with those huge boobs (fantastic areola), slim waist, nice tight ass, and incredible legs. More please! Count me on the shaved pussy side and hardcore with several hung studs would be too hot.
thanks for the awesome set Valory is soooo gorgeous I hope we see more of her
Beautiful face, incredible boobs, love the pale skin- one of the sexiest girls at Scoreland. But please DO shave Your pussy again !
The more pussy hair Valory has the hotter she gets! I absolutely love this set. Please don't shave!
Love to look at Irene, especially her hairy but trimmed pussy! Will she do a hardcore shoot? Here's hoping.
I love Valory more every time I see her. Those nipples are fantastic and the spread shots are lovely. I enjoy her bush very much. More! More!
and the new hair too keep it up bb
She looks so hot now without the tan.
Most beautiful boobs ever, the rest of her just average. She is very attractive, would be beautiful if she'd smile once in a while. Pix 49 and 50 are as close as I've ever seen to a smile.
totally hot babe!
Nice set, the photos that is. Vallory's set is incredible.

I love her more with every new release. So you can just keep taking all the photos and video of Vallory you can, cause this member will continue to support this website while Vallory is featured! Thanks.

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